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Astra 40 - Holmium YAG Laser

Astra 40 - Holmium YAG Laser

Astra 40 the holmium  - YAG laser of 40 Watt power is manufactured by Status Medical Equipments. The 40 Watt power of Astra 40 the holmium YAG laser assures user versetile  use and long life.

The major application of Astra 40 is in uretric stone lithotripsy. With Astra 40 one can fragment the stone in small particles or in powder form. In ureterorenoscopy it has inherent advantage as minimal size ureterorenoscope is required and flying of stone is avoided . In PCNL Astra 40 gives best results alongwith specially developed suction canula  and Preci-Vac  a micro-suction device.

When beam falls on calculi the laser energy is fully absorbed by the calculi, resulting in lot of tiny explosions of vapor & the stone disintegrates.

Besides lithotripsy Astra 40 has wide applications in orthopedics,  gynecology & other surgeries like uretric stripture.


.  Lithotripsy of renal, ureteral & bladder calculi.

.  Lithotripsy of impacted calculi.

.  Ureteral & urethral strictures.

.  Bladder & ureteral tumors.

Features :

. User friendly strudy design.

.  Suitable professional design.

. Anti interference  laser power.

.  Integrated protection controls to provide continuous reliable strong laser output.

.  Environmentally adoptable forced cooling  system with temperature controls assures  trouble free performance and long life.

.  Wide ranges of optical fiber 200m, 271 m, 365 m, 550 m , 1000 m

.  Accurate CPLC system to monitor the output power automatically.

.  Because of 40 Watt power user has more choice to select frequency and energy of                                                                                                                               

    the blast.

. Touch screen control panel to select desired pulse energy & frequency.

.  Instant on, Minimum warm up time, uninterrupted reliable performance.

Technical Specifications

Output power                 :  40 Watt

Monopulse                     :  4.0 J

Frequency                      : 5 20 Hz

Wavelength                    :  2.1 m

Aiming light                    :  Green

Transfer system             :  Fiber can be used repetitively.

Cooling system              :  Built-in water cooling system.

Size                                :  H x W x H = 870mm x 450mm x 1150mm

Weight                            :  120 Kg

Power supply                  :  230 VAC 50 Hz

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