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Flow-Comp - Uroflowmetry System

Flow-Comp - Uroflowmetry System

Urineflowmetry is essential diagnostic tool to a urologist as ECG is for cardiologist. Flow-comp is digital gravimetric (weight) type uroflowmeter manufactured by Status Medical.

About 400 Flow-Comps are working in many parts of the world. Use of weight type transducer & high performance microprocessor & dot-matrix printer makes this unit most reliable & maintenance free uroflowmetry device.


A high performance microprocessor with dot matrix printer.

Designed to streamline diagnostic uroflow recording.

It measures and indicates the urinary flow rate in ml./sec.

Calculated report of uroflow consists

. Voided volume

. Voiding time

. Maximum flow rate

. Flow time

. Average flow rate

. Time to maximum flow

. Average flow & maximum flow nomograms

The system consists of

. Uroflow Transducer

. Control Unit

. Chair

. Beaker

. Dot matrix printer

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